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while it's controversial, they say it works. great expectations in london. where they're awaiting the big arrival any day now. "nightly news" begins now. good evening. and again tonight a lot of attention is being focused on a runway in san francisco, along with a seawall and the waters just offshore. nearby, of course, sits that burned out hull of a wide bodied jet. and just tonight at the latest briefing on the crash of the asiana airline's 777, we learned the jet was indeed flying low and slow, too low and too slow, it turns out to make it to touchdown without incident. we learned a lot more about the cockpit crew today. all veterans of long haul air travel. because of their experience, the investigation into what went wrong here now gets more
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intriguing. again tonight, nbc's tom costello starting us off from the scene at sfo in san francisco. and tom, we also learned of another very close call for members of this crew? >> that's right, two flight attendants on board were ejected out of the back of this plane as it crash landed. amazingly, they survived. the training captain, the captain who was training his colleague to fly the 777, he said he though they were coming in at 137 knots, that's the appropriate speed. they realized they were in trouble when they saw the red lights at the end of the runway that were supposed to guide them in, they were not lined up properly, and from there, something went terribly wrong. today new pictures of the crash scene in san francisco, the top priority has been to interview all four pilots who were on board flight 214, including the veteran captain who was new to the 777 and was at the controls saturday. the teaching captain told investigators he realized at 200
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feet they were coming in too slow and too long. >> he recognized the auto throttles were not maintaining speed and he established a go around attitude. he went to push the throttles forward, but he stated the other pilot had already pushed the throttles forward. >> reporter: investigators are not alarmed that a veteran captain was making his first attempt landing a 777 at sfo. >> no one's going to walk into a cockpit with 100 landings under their belt. they have to get experience. we have to figure out how that happens. >> reporter: ross amer teaches new pilots that if an approach isn't perfect, they abort the landing attempt. >> decisive, be decisive, if you think you're too high or too slow, do something immediately. >> reporter: today the president and ceo of asiana arrived to a media frenzy in san francisco, promising full cooperation of the investigation. meanwhile, the only crew member to speak to korean media, a flight attendant.
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she worked frantically to free passengers and other crew members trapped inside the plane. >> translator: actually, i was not thinking, but acting. as soon as i heard emergency escape, i conducted the evacuation. >> reporter: two teenaged girls died on saturday, one of them possibly hit by an arriving emergency vehicle. of the more than 180 passengers injured, 26 remain hospitalized, six in critical condition, including one child. a tae kwon do team returning explained what happened. >> when i came down the chute i looked over at the wing, and i could still see fuel dropping from the wing. >> reporter: meanwhile, some passengers grabbed their luggage, purses, carriry-ones, even duty free shopping before exiting the plane. then the phone calls and text messages to loved ones. >> it's a life and death situation for you to stop and get your bag rather than thinking of all the other people coming behind you.
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>> reporter: the ntsb says because this is a foreign crew, there was no legal obligation to drug test them, and they were not drug tested after the fact. by the way, having 28 closed has created problems here at sfo. they have delays running up to an hour or so. 70 cancellations today alone. they may take another week or so to continue to look at this aircraft that's out on the runway. back to you. >> tom costello leading our coverage starting off tonight in san francisco. thanks. those three young women held for a decade in a house in cleveland, ohio have broken their silence, two months since they were freed. they have made public video statements in which they talk about their brand new lives and the support they've received since their release. our report tonight from our national correspondent kate snow. >> reporter: we've known them only vaguely, the thumbs up from gina dejesus, the single photo of amanda berry, she was a 16-year-old girl when she was
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taken in 2003. she's now a 27-year-old mother. >> i want everyone to know how happy i am to be home with my family, my friends. it's unbelievable. i want to thank everyone who's helped me and my family through this entire ordeal. everyone who's been supportive. it's been a blessing to have some an outpouring of love and kindness. >> reporter: michelle knight, kidnapped when she was 21 read from a carefully prepared message. >> i want everyone to know i'm doing just fine. >> reporter: her lawyers said her manner of speech was just nerves and had nothing to do with her time in captivity. none of the women mentioned ariel castro by name. but michelle referenced the decade she spent inside this house. >> i may have been through hell and back, but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face, and with my head held high and my feet firmly on the ground. >> reporter: gina dejesus went
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missing at age 14. appearing with her parents, these were her only words. >> i would say thank you for the support. >> reporter: cleveland city councilman matt zone told us last month, that gina is staying with family. and has the shih tsu puppy she bonded with in captivity. >> she wants to go back to school, the simple things you and i take for granted. >> reporter: clevelanders have been good at giving the women space to heal. >> i'm getting stronger each day, and having my privacy has helped immensely. >> i will not let the situation define who i am. i will define the situation. >> reporter: one doctor who's treated other kidnapping survivors says making the video itself was probably therapeutic. >> being able to retell the story says i'm a survivor, i'm still here. it's also sending the message, not only to the public but to the perpetrator to say, you didn't damage me much
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you didn't ruin my spirit. we are still alive. >> we have been hurt by people, but we need to rely on god as being the judge. god has a plan for all of us. thank you for all your prayers. i'm looking forward to my brand new life. thank you. >> reporter: the women also wanted this video out now so that the paparazzi would be less likely to hound them to get that first video. in the meantime, ariel castro's trial is scheduled for august. he's pled not guilty on hundreds of charges with more charges expects perhaps this week. prosecutors are meeting this week to discuss whether to pursue the death penalty. >> achingly sad, but empowering at the same time. a sad day in prescott, arizona today. the memorial service for all 19 firefighters, members of that single wildfire hotshot team, they died fighting a fire that by the way continues to burn. people came from across this country and among those paying tribute today, the soul survivor
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from that crew. nbc's miguel almaguer was there and has our report. ♪ >> reporter: the tribute honored their lives and their sacrifice. >> wade scott parker. >> reporter: 19 fallen firefighters who fought and died together. dan fraho was their chief. >> if i could fulfill my fondest wish, it could be that my tears would wash away the pain and loss that we all feel. ♪ you raise me up >> reporter: the granite mountain hotshots were a band of brothers who saved homes and battled blazes wherever they were called. >> an elite unit in every sense of that phrase. >> reporter: last week the hotshots were in their own backyard when a firestorm swept over them, only one man in the team survived. brendan mcdonagh, the crew
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lookout was a mile away. today he read the hotshot prayer. >> bless my hotshot crew, my family, one and all. >> reporter: for nine days, the city of prescott and the firefighters across the country have saluted the hotshots. outside, thousands gathered in the summer heat to pay their respects. >> it's amazing to see the amount of people that have supported our small town and the heroes that are from here. >> reporter: tonight a city, a state, a country remembers the granite mountain 19. ♪ >> thank you. and i miss my brothers. >> reporter: miguel almaguer, nbc news, prescott, arizona. and across the west today, other firefighters carried on the battle, including a big one in southern california, still out of control after four days
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now. almost 5,000 acres burned. look at the size of the smoke plume. at least eight structures damaged or destroyed in this one. the death toll in quebec has now risen to 15 in that explosive train disaster. 40 other people still missing after a series of explosions on this runaway train which was loaded with oil. over 30 buildings destroyed in all, many of those evacuated were allowed to go home finally today. now to sanford, florida and the trial of george zimmerman. the focus was on the injuries sustained during what became a deadly confrontation. nbc's ron mott with us from there tonight. ron, good evening? >> reporter: good evening, brian. a different day of testimony today compared to yesterday, there were only three witnesses who made it up to the stand compared to ten yesterday. and as you mentioned, most of the focus was on george zimmerman's injuries and trayvon martin's gunshot wound. the defense called a well known expert who testified the evidence he reviewed supports
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zimmerman's account of shooting martin while martin was on top of him. he also testified there were six impact injuries to george zimmerman's face and head. on cross-examination, the prosecutor showed the doctor a picture of george zimmerman's bloody nose and mouth. he was covering his mouth yet no blood was found on martin's hand. this jury could be charged the defense is expected to rest its case, which means this jury could be charged before the end of this week. >> ron mott, sanford, florida this week. still ahead for us this evening, medical marijuana, adults, of course, have been using it for years. now a growing number of parents say it's working for their kids. of course, not without a lot of controversy. and later on tonight, the anticipation in the air in london, with a big arrival on the way. with a big arrival on the way. vietnam in 1972.
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parents say they know is controversial, yet many of them say it happens to work for their children. some parents have come to embrace the use of medical marijuana to treat a number of conditions and now some doctors are expressing real concerns. we get the story tonight from our chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman. >> reporter: when zakai jackson was four months old, he was diagnosed with a form of epilepsy that causes life threatening seizures. >> he was having between 60 to 250 seizures a day. >> reporter: his mom made the controversial decision to give her son marijuana. >> despite the stigma associated with cannabis, we really owed it to zakai to give it a try. >> reporter: the first night she gave him a liquid form of medical marijuana, she could see
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the difference. >> the seizure activity was down. he started pumping his legs on the swings. i mean, he was nine years old, you teach your children that from the time they're three, and he could never get it. >> it's really good medicine. their lives are completely changed. >> reporter: in 17 states, including colorado, where kai lives, kids are able to get medical marijuana by prescription to treat everything from autism to cancer to seizures. because growers can breed the plants with low levels of thc, they're getting just the medicinal benefits and not the high. still, some critics say marijuana used therapeutically could be a gateway to other drugs. it's not been clinically tested nor approved by the fda. >> using marijuana as a medication is jumping the gun, we really don't know what the side effects or long term consequences of marijuana are on children. >> we spoke to a mom whose child suffered from seizures and she tried everything, marijuana works.
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>> i worry that we just don't know enough about it. a couple generations ago, people were recommending tobacco, even physicians were recommending tobacco as a good source of relaxation or to relieve stress. it seems unbelievable now. >> reporter: but one mother says she has all the proof she needs. >> it's saving his life, and it's giving him a better quality of life. >> regardless of where you stand, no one is arguing that marijuana or cannabis should be a first line drug of choice. but when all efforts have been exhausted and parents are really frustrated and have nowhere else to turn, increasingly, the medical community and parents are looking to this as a last ditch effort and it comes down to quality of life, brian. >> you can tell this debate is just getting started. dr. nancy snyderman, thanks as always. we're back in a moment with a change coming to millions of american dinner tables.
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this was just at nightfall on the mall in washington last night. it's going to look this way as long as the scaffolding is covering up the washington monument. it remains closed. it's following repairs from the east coast earthquake of 2011. and the thinking here is, its beauty shouldn't suffer just because it's under repair. it will stay this way until the spring of 2014 when it's unveiled. much of the city of toronto was up to their hubcaps in water today and then some. as a month's worth of rain fell in a matter of hours yesterday. it swamped and stranded a commuter train carrying 1500 people. there were water rescues, lots of power outages and subway closures as the storm parked itself over the city. the whitey bulger mob trial
7:21 pm
underway in boston today devolved into what it appears, a bunch of reputed wise guys looking to do bulger in. bulger had to listen to a former associate testify against him today on the stand. kevin weeks called bulger a rat, that was the nice part, then the f-bombs started flying and the judge had to step in to stop it. the folks at hamberger helper say they'd like to be thought of as just helper, since more and more people are eating chicken and there's a helper for that to. general mills say they just want to help dinner in america. they say a million homes a night serve some sort of helper. and finally, about last night's broadcast, we covered this terrible train crash in canada. and we showed a live map when we were zooming in to correspondent katy tur's live report.
7:22 pm
play that back and hold it, you'll see what a few of our sharp eyed viewers saw, including at least one u.s. senator. new hampshire's gone, vanished, it apparently moved to vermont. new hampshire was lost by our graphics department. it has since been found and put back. and this calls for a reminder of great things about new hampshire. it's got the best motto, live free or die. and it is the home in the first in the nation primary. two u.s. senators and members of congress. and while they are all serious people, new hampshire has also given us seth myers and sarah silverman and the inventor of tupperware is from there, and paper towels were invented in new hampshire. to the great people of the great state of new hampshire, from the peaks of the white mountains, to the shores of winipisawke, please accept our apology. when we come back after a break, the jockeying for position is underway with the excitement building tonight across the pond.
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tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing while sleeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about the only underarm low t treatment, axiron. finally tonight as we mentioned, the waiting game is fully underway in london. kate middleton is due pretty much any time now. we already know the official title of their child prince or
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princess of cambridge. and to mark this approaching occasion, one of our london based correspondents had an idea. he recently became the father of twins, born at the very same hospital and so tonight, nbc's kier simmons offers this early birthday letter to the newest member of the royal family. >> your royal heiness, you're not even here yet, so you couldn't know. you're about to become the most famous baby in the world. outside st. mary's hospital where you'll be born, reporters and photographers already staking out their places. get used to them, they'll be with you all your life. just ask your father. he made his debut outside the same hospital 31 years ago, that's your grandmother holding him, diana. the world loved her. sadly she's gone now. there's charles, your grandfather.
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your folks will work hard to protect you. it won't always be easy. you will need to appear ordinary while living a life of privilege and tradition. your life is set to be extraordinary, and it hasn't even begun. kier simmons, nbc news, london. back on this side of the atlantic, that's our broadcast on a tuesday night. thank you for being here with us. i'm brian williams, we hope to see you right back here tomorrow evening, good night.
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